• Web/Mobile
    Languages include:

    Android, IOS, Windows

    Our Work
  • You Have Business Goals
    ...We Speak Geek
    Most companies have a huge gap between business goals and programmers.
    Management has one assumption of what functionality is and programmers
    have a completely different perspective.

    Find out How We Bridge the Gap
  • Open is Always Better
    Open source technology puts you in the drivers seat.
    No more waiting on vendor controlled patches and
    updates. You control your application.

    Why Open Source is better
  • We are Agile
    Find out How Agile Project Management Methods
    Work for Your Organization

    What Agile Does for a Company

The safest way to grow your business is with a leader in Technology. See what Cytrus Logic can do for your organization

Cytrus Logic is More Than Just a Utah Web Development Company

Our Work

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Web Development

PHP 5, CSS3, HTML5, Jquery, backbone JS, NODE JS, Python/Django, JSP, MVC, Wordpress, Joomla, Codeigniter, Cakephp, Zend, Symphony...and much much more more

Mobile App Development

iPHONE/iPAD/iPOD, Android, Windows


Make your product accessible online to everyone.

Social Networking

We build communities around your product or service. We can bring thousand of people to your product or service and keep them there.

and more...

We create custom software using state of the art technology and languages. including:
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Python/Django
  • and many more

We're proud of our work and excited to show it off...

Take a look at some of the companies we have done work for.