Progress Coordinator

Progress Coordinators…

Well…Coordinate Your Progress

Everyone gets tired of pressing a thousand buttons to actually talk to a human being. Progress Coordinators are your dedicated resource for all your technology needs.

No more getting passed from one agent to another. No more getting put on hold. If you have a question call directly. Need something done? Email your coordinator. It’s that simple

What Is a Progress Coordinator?

More than just a time saver, Progress Coordinators act as an extension of your company. They monintor your site for security and marketing improvement and propose changes that will make your site an absolute success. Our Website Progress Plans are created individually for each of our clients.

Why a Progress Coordinator?

The takeover of faceless corporations has brought with it the idea that an unreliable call center is the best way to handle customers. So we are forced to play the game of calling in and using a ticket system. Every time we call we have to explain the same thing that we just told the previous agent. It’s frustrating. We all hate it but no one seems to want to do anything about it so we just go along to get along.

How can I contact my Coordinator?

Easy! You will have a direct extension and email. You can also submit tickets to our ticketing system. Whatever is easiest for you.

What does a Progress Coordinator do exactly?

Imagine for a moment you are building a website. There are many working parts involved. There are many responsibilities such as:

  • Documenting Functionality
  • Explaining Functionality to Programmers
  • Interpreting Technical Programming Jargon From Programmers
  • Graphic Design
  • User Experience
  • Sales Funnels
  • Content Creation and Product Positioning
  • Creating SEO Keywords and Action Plans
  • Web Hosting Considerations
  • Technical Support
  • Documenting Functionality
  • Quantify Marketing Results
  • Web Security

Without any exerience in these areas, it is a very daunting task to manage, interpret, and implement plans in anyone of those areas let alone all of them. Our Progress Coordinators are extensively trained to do all this for you.

progress coordinators

Create your Technology Plan

The biggest advantage of a Progress Coordinator is having a technology plan. A technology plan is governing document to tell you according to your goals:

  1. How long it will take to reach your goals
  2. What means are best for achieving your goals i.e a marketing plan
  3. What technology systems you will need in order to support your goals
  4. When to implement technology systems
  5. A rough budget for all implementations
  6. What technologies are best for scalability.

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