Business automation is what we do. We automate tasks, and processes to free up your time and resources. That is why a plan is needed that work to achieve your organization goals and objectives. When you work with us we create a technology plan that gives you a blueprint to success.

Cytrus Logic Awards and Recognitions

Clutch Top Web Devloper Utah
Cytrus Logic - Clutch Top Software Devloper Utah
Cytrus Logic - Clutch Top Python & Django Developer Salt Lake City
Cytrus Logic - Clutch Top Java Developer Salt Lake City
“The team has a wealth of experience and can figure anything out.” – The Click Collective
Dogface Equipment logo

Case Study: Dog Face Equipment

Dogface's website was created over 15 years ago and had become outdated. Since they didn’t have in-house developers to invest in a new website, they hired Cytrus Logic to design and develop a WordPress site for us. By doing this, they were hoping to increase our traffic substantially by the end of the year and make their website more stable. Both of these goals have been accomplished!

Case Study: Bilistic Music

Bilistic has put out 18 albums over the last 23 years, and wanted to have all of them in one place, which would also contain all his music, music videos, and everything else like that. Cytrus Logic also set up an online shopping cart where he could sell all his albums and videos.