Utah County Insurance Pool

The Utah County Insurance Pool was migrating from an antiquated system to Wordpress...

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The Opportunity

The Utah County Insurance Pool was migrating from an antiquated system to WordPress for their website and needed to migrate their data and forms to input and display data in the backend.

The Ask

Three main challenges presented themselves in this project.
  • The data being transferred was not related properly and had to be migrated to a better database schema
  • The antiquated code had to be refactored to modern OOP(Object Oriented Programming) standards.   
  • Making sure the site was secure and that only certain people could see the data


In order to make the site scalable, secure, and private we had to refactor all the antiquated code.  This meant that we had to completely code everything from the ground up. Before starting the refactoring process we created the new database schema.   After the schema was created we created a database map to migrate the old database to the new one.  A PHP migration script was then created to transfer the data to the new database. After the new database was populated we could then successfully refactor the code to represent the new database structure and security features that were needed.  We created roles and implemented security hashes that would make sure that if someone did get a hold of the database they could not decipher the data without the security key.  In the end, we successfully migrated the data and refactored the code to give the Utah Insurance Pool an essential tool for their organization.